Dirty South has calmed some anxiety with the second release of his upcoming album \”With You,\” which is set to be out on November 4th.

While the feel to \”Unbreakable\” was nostalgic and outright emotional, arguably Dirty South\’s signature sound, \”Tunnel Vision\” will definitely take fans by surprise. Dabbling in dark and somber tones, the track hints at the possibility of \”With You\” not being what we expect. It features Ohio\’s SomeKindaWonderful and the artwork itself is the perfect, hazy depiction of where this song will lead listeners.

We\’ll be able to get our hands on the tune tomorrow, but for now, take a trip with Dirty South to the world of tunnel vision:

Don\’t forget to pre-order his album, and short film, \”With You\” on iTunes. Also, be sure to read up on the progression of the album release, including the initial debut of \”Unbreakable\” and official movie trailer.