August 3rd marked a day of total cleansing for Norwegian artist Lido. This morning, he wiped his SoundCloud completely clear of all past tracks. In its place, he uploaded three new songs. Lido prides himself on not being a DJ. The 23-year-old is a performer, who during his shows wants nothing more than to take his audience on a passion-filled journey.

Along with friends Heavy Mellow, Santell and Brasstracks, Lido collaborated on a soulful take on Justin Bieber’s hit “Sorry”. This saxophone thriller seemed to have been made at a laid back, friendly event…maybe even a BBQ.

Lido stuck to his gospel and story-telling roots with his rendition of THEY.’s “Back It Up”. With Santell on vocals for this self-titled “passion flip”, this track holds up to Lido\’s hope of being interesting and innovative.

The third track posted to Lido\’s SoundCloud was his \”Forgotten Sunday Service\” remix of GoldLink\’s \”Sober Thoughts\”. This funky, groove worthy tune is sure to get listeners up and moving.

With no further comment, Lido has left his listeners clueless about his sudden SoundCloud purge. Should big news from Lido be expected? Our advice is to pay close attention to his SoundCloud

Source: ThisSongIsSick