Shadowlands of World of Warcraft is an awaited gaming version that has attracted many gamers across the globe. There are many entertaining levels that one can play and go to the maximum one. But sometimes, it is hard for a gamer to play continuously and not make it to the highest level. If you are also one of such gamers, then you must not feel disappointed. There are many ways to level up in shadowlands, even if you are a beginner.

You must have boosts that can help you level up. Visit to buy WoW increases and follow some essential tips of this blog. It is necessary to make some strategies to reach the maximum level. You must have enough skills to plan everything and defeat your enemies efficiently. In the following write-up, we will discuss some of the fastest ways to level up in shadowlands as a beginner.


1. Target 1 to 10

At the beginning of the gaming activity, you need to create a character, choose weapons, and slowly pass the levels. For beginners, it is challenging to understand the game and make new strategies. Therefore, you must focus from 1 to 10 on allied races. You must create an allied character from one level to another and start finishing the quest race.

When you begin the game from level 1, you will reach the Exile’s reach by default. As a newbie, you will get the experience of an island. Anyone who is at the better level can choose one of the best characters. It will be adventurous to be there on the island, and you need to cross ten stages within the given time.

2. Target 10 to 50

When you go to level 10, you might gain a lot of experience and start understanding many things. Now, you will make new plans to proceed further with a high chance of survival. At the 10th level, you will select to begin the quest and participate in the Battle of Azeroth. There will be 50 t0 60 levels that you need to pass in the queue.

There are many exciting opportunities for veteran players, and hence, you can get a chance to reach the maximum level. With the help of Chromie, you can time-travel and swap to any expansion you like. In this way, you can jump from one stage to another.


3. Select an Expansion

In Shadowlands, you can get many expansions but picking the best one is a challenging job. Every player has their priorities, and therefore, everyone chooses expansion as per their gaming experience. If you want to pass the stages quickly, you must go for the expansion that offers perfect quest density. There is no need to run faster to reach the desired level.

If you are a story lover, then you must choose Lich King Wrath. Expansions like Cataclysm and the Crusade involve a lot of running. You only decide which expansion is the best for you. Ensure that you must consider your needs before you confirm any of the available options.

4. Choosing Quests or Dungeons

The concept of leveling up through dungeons instead of quests is quite viable. There are two to three levels per dungeon, and it depends on how much you run in quests. You will have two options in caveats. In the first option, your character will not get any specialization in healing. It is necessary to find a group who can help you to pass the quests. The queue of damaged players will be lengthy.

In the second option, you need to choose the perfect expansion that you need to select while leveling. If you do not do your job carefully, then the queue will be pretty lengthy. You need to keep one thing in mind that one will be limited to the expansion due to the dungeons you pick. You need to be careful while selecting the quests for a better gaming experience.


5. Start Leveling All the Speedy Items

Recently, the heirlooms have been overhauled, which means that there is no bonus while leveling. But you can get other life bonuses of good quality and combat. It is necessary to avoid replacing the gear or examining it.

You can also observe that some leveling products will work only in the expansion. You must have an excellent character to reach the maximum level. Make sure that you invest in speedy items that can help in moving you from one stage to the higher one.

6. Start Leveling with Friends

It is possible to play the gaming activity in a group. You can invite your friends to play with you and help you to level up. In this way, you can synchronize all the dungeons as well as quests. When any new player is added to the group, that player is automatically moved to a higher level. Everything will get synced, and the new gamer will get an opportunity to play higher stages of the game. You must look for the Party Sync option to add your friend to your group.

But remember that it is pretty buggy, and hence, you need to un-sync whenever you plan to send the invitation to your friend. When a new player is added to the group, then you can resync everything. With the help of the Party Sync feature, you can do this job easily and quickly. On the other hand, adding your friends to the game will experience more fun and entertainment.


Final Thoughts

It is not easy for beginners to level up in Shadowlands, WoW. It is necessary to make strategies to make things work. If you are new to this game and want to pass different stages rapidly, make sure that you follow all the mentioned tips.

It is necessary to get enough information about any game before stepping into it. You will gain experience only when you start playing and know different aspects of the game slowly and steadily.