Britain has been a hot spot of great music for decades. Other than the U.S., it is the only country to continuously produce phenomenal artists regardless of the state of the music industry. It happened with rock. It happened with rap, and now it\’s happening with electronic music.

One of pair of British producers that are adding to this trend are Leftwing and Cody. Since their entrance to the scene back in 2012 this dynamic duo has been hard at work making a name for themselves. Whether they\’re putting out music on Hot Since 82\’s label Knee Deep In Sound, Jamie Jones and Lee Foss\’s Hot Creations, or their own imprint, Lost Records, the two have consistently produced quality material that often finds itself on Beatport\’s top 10.

Their latest EP \’3 Point 0\’ will come out on a label they\’ve yet to grace though; Steve Lawler\’s VIVa Music. Steve Lawler has never been ordinary or original and everything he releases on VIVa reflects that.

All three tracks on \’3 Point 0\’ represent both Leftwing & Cody\’s signature style of house music and a newfound sense of exploration, which is the reason they will be added to VIVa\’s management roster as well.

Leftwing & Kody ‘3 Point 0’ EP drops on VIVa Music on 13th November 2015. Listen to their most recent release on Knee Deep In Sound below