Zambia born UK artist Laxcity aka Joshua Mbewe recently released his enigmatic Purity EP. Purity is a 6 track introspection into the mind of Laxcity.  Mbewe is known for his intricate sound design and emotional filled compositions.  Both of these talents are on full display through the EP.

The opening song “Blue Sky” is a cool ambient introduction to the EP. This is followed up by the downtempo and title track “Purity” where you can hear Mbewe singing on his production for the first time. The first vocal feature on the album comes next with “Just Try” ft. EMIA.  This then eases into the UK garage type track “Focus” ft. Kudu Blue. “Cold” is a 2015 era esque future beat track that will have you pining for the old days of Soundcloud. The EP concludes it’s chilled out journey with a lo-fi single “Cold.”

Full Tracklist:

  1. Laxcity – Blue Sky
  2. Laxcity – Purity
  3. Laxcity & EMIA – Just Try
  4. Laxcity – Focus ft. Kudu Blue
  5. Laxcity – Cold
  6. Laxcity – Refined