For those of you who have been living under an f\’ing rock for the past year or so, Deep House is an enchanting, melodic sub-genre of house for those of us House heads that prefer to move our hips than stomp our feet. The mystifying melodies and the distant vocals serenades the listener in way akin to the moments following a first kiss with a new love. Yea, it\’s that deep.

Of those actually making deep house, Lane 8 is one of the hottest over the past few months. His remix of Bloom by Odesza makes my loins sing and my heart weep. In addition to making extremely well produced remixes, he is also a terrific performer; which can be seen on his Facebook page.

If you aren\’t doing anything, or if you are but your plans suck, come down to The MID to see Lane 8. ┬áTell them BobbyJay sent you. Or don\’t. Whatever.