ZHU 2015

For dance music fans, Grammy weekend just received an additional  bit of preliminary hype. Despite his nomination for his smash hit \”Faded\”, EDM\’s mystery man Zhu has thus far been enshrouded in a spell of anonymity. While he still has not made himself fully visible to the public eye, Zhu\’s latest interview with the LA times reveals answers to some of his fans\’ pertinent questions and debunks some of the conspiracies surrounding his image and brand.

While this may be the most revealing interview we\’ve seen from Zhu thus far, it\’s evident he still intends to keep a low profile at this point in time. When asked if he will be will be present at the Grammy\’s this Sunday, he responded with a cryptic \”Maybe?\” Clearly, Zhu isn\’t ready to embrace his fame to the fullest extent just yet.

Check out Zhu\’s full interview with the LA Times here.