Two of the three members once belonging to the dance music \”supergroup\” Swedish House Mafia, have teamed up for a new online TV project making fans wait in anticipation.

Axwell and Sebastian Ingrosso are the two that remain since the farewell tour and have formed a partnership better known as Axwell /\\ Ingrosso.  The duo have released 3 track titles so far and announced that the songs are apart of an album that they plan to release soon.  In the meantime, the two have been very chatty on their social media accounts notifying fans about their new upcoming project by releasing various teaser clips.

In the first teaser video, the two are seen riding motorcycles down a long road in the middle of a desert to their latest track \”Something New.\”  The second video includes their other single \”On My Way,\” which features a series of dramatic and confrontational clips mimicking a scene from the movie Fight Club.  The final teaser is a quick one that shows the two being chased out of an old warehouse to their track \”Can\’t Hold Us Down.\”

Time will tell how the series of clips come together to form a complete story.  In the meantime, stay tuned for more news and updates by going over to and subscribing to the website.