In the midst of a scene that has become watered-down with cookie cutter style content, Kygo brings something new to the table. He\’s the driving force behind Tropical house music, a sub genre of deep house that is characterized by uplifting summertime vibes and melodic hooks. The Norwegian producer has primarily been a remixer thus far, known for his eclectic slew of remixes to Coldplay\’s \”Midnight\”, Ed Sheeran\’s \”I See Fire\”, and M83\’s \”Wait\”.

His upcoming single, Firestone marks a rare original release for Kygo. It features vocalist Conrad, and is due out December 1st on Spotify. For now, check out the teaser of the new tune in Kygo\’s tour recap video shown below (starts at 0:50). Sirius XM subscribers can hear the tune in full on BPM now.