Kygo ultra 2016
Kygo ultra 2016

Kygo has come a long way since blowing our minds with his tropical house remixes and now the superstar has revealed some juicy developments in his star-studded career. About a month ago, Kygo released a \’Cloud Nine\’ preview which was a 7-minute sneak peek of his debut album but now the LP has an official release date. The Norwegian musician said the 15-track album will be released on May 13th through Ultra Records and that he\’s \”been working on it nonstop over the last 18 months.\”

Along with this exciting news, Kygo showed of his new collaboration with John Legend to all those lucky enough to attend his set at Ultra 2016. The track is called \’Happy Birthday\’ and it showcases the immense musical talent that resides within these two artists. If the new collaboration isn\’t enough to tide you over until Kygo\’s \’Cloud Nine\’ is released, that\’s probably why Kygo released a single from the new album named \’Fragile\’. He also plans to release more singles from his debut album on April 1st and April 22nd.  Kygo is making moves, to say the least.

Be sure to listen to Kygo\’s full Ultra set below:

Source: Billboard

Photo by: RPerg Photo