King Henry lets us know why he has the crown on his new remix of RL Grime\’s \”Scylla\”, which comes as the second addition of the Void Remixes. In this remix, RL Grime\’s trap banger is converted to a future chill delight thanks to King Henry. Instead of jumping up and down, this new version of \”Scylla\” will have you gently swaying to the beat.

RL Grime is dropping all of the Void Remixes on May 12th and already released a track list.  Check out the new remix here!



Void Remixes Track list:

1. RL Grime – Core (Great Dane Remix)
2. RL Grime – Core (Infuze Remix)
3. RL Grime – Reminder (Astronomar Remix)
4. RL Grime – Reminder (Jonah Baseball Remix)
5. RL Grime – Scylla (DJ Sliink Remix)
6. RL Grime – Scylla (King Henry Remix)
7. RL Grime – Kingpin (Melé Remix)
8. RL Grime – Kingpin (Wuki Remix)
9. RL Grime – Kingpin (Salva Remix)
10. RL Grime – Kingpin (Mura Masa Remix)