Over the past five years, Kill the Noise has been orchestrating a bass revolution by consistently producing mind-melting tracks, but more recently Jake Stanczak has been working on his first full-length album and its finally done. Recently, he made a post on Facebook describing his progress on his new passion project along with a sneak preview of the tracklist.

I turned all the masters in to the label for my album today. i don\’t wanna get too far ahead of myself, so i\’ll just leave it at that for now. as things develop ill write some notes here. thanks for sticking around while i work on this thing, its been a lot of work! i\’ve learned a lot of stuff in the process, this will be the biggest single collection of songs i put out, i guess technically my first album. took me long enough. thanks again guys.


Although KTN\’s new album hasn\’t been released to the public, many lucky artists received a first listen to the highly anticipated project. Check out what these guys had to say.


@killthenoise@CRAZEARONI New ktn tho pic.twitter.com/W9uIf5yti1

— GRiZ (@mynameisGRiZ) July 7, 2015

Griz posted this photo after listening.

Although mastering can take up to several months, we cant help but speculate what Kill the Noise\’s new project will sound like. Until the release, Stanczak\’s recent collaborations with Feed Me and Tommy Trash will have to tide us over.