The French army of producers on CONFESSION continue to keep us on our toes with impressive releases. This time, Keeld delivers his newest single “Stupid” via Tchami’s label. We have seen multiple remixes, singles and even an EP from Keeld in CONFESSION. Additionally, house music wizards Tchami and Malaa have featured many Keeld tunes in their sets on their tours.

“Stupid” continues to prove CONFESSION as a true powerhouse label. Keeld perfectly incorporates heavy bass while keeping the house vibe. This track will truly keep you dancing all night.

For this particular track, I fell in love with a dark, groovy sound and decided to put drums under it to make it more upbeat and balanced. The vocal chops and breaks get you in the mood, and all of a sudden, the bass line completely takes over. It really makes me think that ‘Stupid’ is a house track you can hear during the day or late at night, and no matter what, you’ll still want to dance.” – Keeld