kaskade diplo and friends 2015

Kaskade has proven himself to be one of EDM\’s most thoughtful DJs, frequently taking to his blog to connect with his fans. It\’s precisely this genuine connection that keeps his fans so loyal. And certainly it\’s his accessibility, along with all the talent, that makes him one of the genre\’s best producers and artists. Kaskade published a new blog post chronicling the ups-and-downs of 2016 for he and his fans.

Hating on 2016 is definitely a meme now, as if people can find nothing to be thankful for amidst the political turmoil worldwide. But Kaskade blows that \”jokey hatred as a meme\” out of the water by pointing out the need for reflection, a look back, and what that will show: \”If we look at our pictures and spend some real time looking at all we’ve shared together, it’s been a landmark year.\” That said, 2016 had its dark patches, and for Kaskade that was the loss of Colleen Burns, the superfan who founded Kaskade Konnect.

Wrapping up his look back with photos of the year, Kaskade closes the post with a playlist of all his remixes released in 2016. Music is undoubtedly tied to memory, and listening to these songs brings back a lot. Check his blog post and listen to the mixes by following the link in his tweet below: