Well, it\’s about time. The two mega-house producers have been talking pretty candidly over social media about collaborating again. It\’s been since 2008 that the two have released anything together, with \”I Remember\” still popping up in live sets even in 2015. In a surprising move today — unbeknownst to even \”the mau5\” himself — Kaskade has taken to his SoundCloud with a strong working version of what is sure to dominate house sets across clubs and festivals around the globe. Yea, right, Joel, we know this one is going to get a release date!!

The vocals, from EDM sweetheart Skylar Grey, are as captivating and enchanting as they as they are angelic and perfectly suited to the two producers distinct sounds. The stylistic contributions from each producer is very obvious when you really begin to pick apart the track — whereas the slow, classic progressive build-ups are influenced mostly by Zimmerman and the drops are clearly the euphoric releases we\’ve come to know from Ryan. The track itself is so perfectly composed and seems already mastered. Stream \’Beneath With Me\’ below and let us know what you think of it in the comments.