Last month, Kaskade surprised even deadmau5 by releasing the third version of their collaborative project (featuring Skyler Grey) all over the internet! It was unclear however whether the two were just playing around or if the track would be remastered for release. Today, Kaskade confirmed with Revolt TV that it will in fact be ready for release soon, adding that it will be \”very close\” to the previous third version.

It will be coming out very soon, version four…I had some other things that I wanted to tweak on it, so I fixed it up. Got it all done.

\”Beneath With Me\” was a work in progress that was initially previewed a year ago. Kaskade shared the full third version over Twitter in mid April, which was followed by confusing tweets from deadmau5 who appeared surprised by the release. Kaskade said that they both never gave each other notice about their versions being dropped. Check it out below, and let us know what you think in the comments!

H/T Billboard