Getting stuck straight into 2015, KAOS is back on point with the release of his first EP, \’Theory\’. Having joined Circus late 2014, this is his second release after the \’All Trap Music\’ featured single ‘Come Alive’.

“The second I heard KAOS, I heard talent. KAOS is a window into what electronic music can be and will be on a platform like Circus. Freedom to create is the greatest blessing we all have, KAOS has taken that and made something magical. My eyes are wide open and KAOS is what I\’m looking at.” – Flux Pavilion

The EP covers a variety of styles, from distinctive lead track ‘Indigo’ to ‘Follow Me’ via the lush vocal edits of ‘Bitchcraft’ and last years hit ‘Come Alive’.

“For me, KAOS is just good music, plain and simple. I can\’t place it in one style or another, but whatever it is, I know I like it.” – Doctor P

Out now on iTunes.