The French Deep/Tech House DJ Joris Delacroix, originally from Montpellier, has spent the past seven years becoming known as one of the smoothest producers in the game.

Now he is back with a phenomenal release of a two-track Beatport bundle. With his forthcoming ‘Backinbizness’ EP set for release on April 6 via Panthéon, you can grab the first two tracks exclusively on Beatport now!

The EP’s title track ‘Backinbizness’ kicks things off with a pounding bassline, piano chords, and electronic vocals that infuse elements of funk and rock. The second track, ‘Condescendance’, leads listeners on a progressive musical journey throughout the intensive eight minute duration. This track brings in a new element at every turn and can keep you humming its tune for hours.

Experimenting with a wide range of electronic styles, Delacroix has produced a multitude of diverse edits and originals throughout his career. This ‘Backinbizness’ bundle foreshadows what the future has in store for fans and furthers his position as a versatile and exhilarating producer. Get ready for the release of the full EP on April 6, when Delacroix truly gets back to business!


Photo source: Facebook, Edouard Granero