With recent support from industry tastemakers, such as Excision, Zomboy and Liquid Stranger to name a few, NYC-based DJ and producer JEANIE is back this month with a thrilling new single to stimulate your ears, “Headshot.” 

“Headshot” is the third original release from JEANIE this year, originally teased as an ID in her recent JEANIE’S BOTTLE VOLUME TWO mix, referenced by EDM Daycare as “The Filthiest Mix of 2019.” 

As a single, “Headshot” is a hypnotic three-minute experience ripe with JEANIE’s trap influences, relying on a traceable idea to get listeners interested. On the creation process, JEANIE explains:

I wanted to create a track that had some interesting contrast with a soft intro and a hard-hitting drop. I tried to keep things simple, but heavy-hitting and it’s definitely been a fun one to play.”

2019 has been a satisfyingly productive year for JEANIE; and anyone who’s been paying attention to her releases will point out the moves she’s been making in the music industry and beyond. From launching her women in dance music-oriented community and platform GRL GANG at the top of the year, and putting out three original releases, including her debut on Dim Mak Records with Godlands and Stooki Sound’s Jelacee, JEANIE’s been hard at work making her mark in dance music with even more to come before the year ends.