This past weekend the EDM scene was blessed with a plethora of new releases from every corner of dance music. It’s always exciting to get fresh tunes from of your favorite artists, but what really gets fans excited is when two of your favorite artists come together to produce something completely new. When two producers collaborate, it gives the listener the opportunity to hear a completely different side of their music; one that reflects each of those artists styling from a different perspective.

When I heard Jauz and Snails were dropping a fresh tune together, I was ready for a hard hitting, bass heavy festival anthem, but to my surprise they created something entirely different; something that truly encompassed how far musicians working together can take their sound. With Jauz’s memorable synths and slick dancable beats combined with Snails signature hard hitting bass we present to you, “Motherf*ckers”. The best part about this track is its versatility; whether it be booming on the main-stage speakers or put on cruise-control in city nightclub, “Motherf*ckers” is a great song for any environment where fans are ready to get down.