After premiering his new single \’Way Of The Warrior\’ featuring MC Mota at last months Tomorrowland, James Marvel released it on Beatport where it soon reached the #1 spot in de D&B chart.

Having remixed both Dub FX and Xilent to huge effect recently, causing riots on 170+ bpm dancefloors across the globe, now it\’s James Marvel\’s opportunity to destroy dancefloors with his own original music. And so the story of two artists going to war with emotionally bland music begins. Way Of The Warrior is not only D&B at its finest and most energetic, it\’s also drum & bass at its most experimental. Fueled with MC Mota\’s off-key spitfire raps and James Marvel\’s uncompromising, head-splitting bass, this is a battle weapon that\’s set to cause havoc.

Out now on Beatport.