“Crime,” an illegal act for which someone can be punished by the government (Merriam-Webster). The assumption has always been that Chicago, Illinois, is one of the more prominent hotspots for crime. Believe it or not, a list published in January 2024 of the “Top 100 Most Dangerous Cities in the U.S.” ranks Chicago number 64, with the chance of being a victim 1 in 99. The number one city listed was Detroit, Michigan, where you have a 1 in 50 chance of being a victim. So, why does Chicago get such a bad reputation, and why are people moving out?

Chicago Crime Rates

Look at the recent Chicago Police Department’s reports. You will find that 2024 has seen an increase in some areas of crime in comparison to 2019. The instance of murder has increased by 52% since last year. The historical data shows that since 2016, the crime rate in Chicago has improved overall.

Some believe that the increase in the crime rate could be caused by the clemency granted by Governor J.B. Pritzker amidst the pandemic. There is not any data that supports this assumption by members of the general public, though. Many of the pardoned prisoners were imprisoned during the late 1980s when judges made examples of juvenile offenders.

Source: Chicago Sun-Times

Speculation About Why People Are Moving

The idea of an Illinois exodus is not something new. For over 15 years, people have been moving out of Illinois, often to neighboring states. IRS data supports that people are moving from Illinois to states where taxes are lower. For example, on average, estate taxes in the states that former Illinois residents moved to were 73% lower.

It was also determined that the home prices and union dues were lower than Illinois. Ex-residents also sought out states that had lower population density and a better climate. With a lower tax policy, Illinois may become more appealing again.

Moving For Your Health

Psychology supports the theory that moving can make you feel happier and help make you healthier. People move for different reasons – job changes, significant other, lower population density, and the list goes on. So it isn’t fair to assume that crime rates or tax hikes are pushing them out of Chicago.

Source: Newsweek

Making Your Move – Without Stress

Before you decide to move out of Chicago, make sure you do your research when looking for a reputable moving company. You need to make sure that the company can facilitate all of your needs. You will need to get quotes and do a little investigative digging on the company to ensure they are legitimate.

Understanding Your Quotes

Three primary quote types exist within the moving industry – non-binding, binding, and binding not-to-exceed. When you understand these different quote types and specifically ask for the quote in writing, you may find out who the more reputable moving companies are.

Non-Binding Estimate – When you receive a non-binding estimate from a moving company, you are not guaranteed the price you are given. The price could end up being higher or lower depending on the exact weight, distance moved, and any fees the company may charge.

Binding Estimate – A binding estimate is when the moving company guarantees the price on the estimate. Once the binding estimate is agreed upon by both parties, it is set in stone. That is the price that will be paid for the move.

Binding Not-To-Exceed Estimate – This is the most common type of estimate found when dealing with a moving company. The quote is locked in, but if your move costs more than the quote, you don’t have to pay any extra. You may even end up paying less than the estimate was quoted.

Source: The Motley Fool

Experienced Moving Professionals

Your belongings are important to you, and you only want the best handling them. A reputable moving company will hire only the best staff who have experience in the moving industry. The company you choose should be licensed, bonded, and insured. They should also have insurance coverage along with other kinds of insurance. These coverages are what keep your belongings safe during transport.

Provide A Variety of Options

When you need to move, options are your best friend. You want to choose between basic moving services, full moving services, and specialty item packing. Basic moving services are what they sound like – basic. You pack up your items, and the movers come in and load them, then unload them.

With full moving services, you get everything. A packing service comes in and packs your belongings for you, and then they unpack them. They bring the materials, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing extra. With a full moving service, the integrity of your items is guaranteed.

Spectialy item packing is excellent for those oversized items like pianos. Most specialty packing is for items that do not fit into boxes. It is always better to trust awkward sized or shaped items to professional moving specialists.

Source: Econ70

Your Move From Chicago

Whether you are moving from Chicago because of the crime rates or because the taxes are too high, you can get help from a professional moving company. If you are relocating because of a work promotion, you may see if your office or company will help with the relocating costs.

If you need a quote from a reputable moving service who can handle a move from Chicago, we invite you to visit threemenandatruck.net. Three Men And A Truck has been in the business of moving to and from Chicago for over 20 years, providing excellent service to customers.

Choose The Best

Moving is stressful. Moving for a stressful reason can be unbearable. Professional moving companies who handle these stressful moves and include full moving services can reduce the stress level that you have to endure.

Sometimes a change of space can make you happy and healthier, so don’t let anyone assume your move is because of a reason like crime rates. While some of Chicago’s crime has gone up, there are still areas where the rates have gone down. Moving is a personal choice, and if it makes your life happier and healthier, then let Three Men And A Truck help you.