Choosing an interior for an apartment is a complex decision that requires several things to be considered. One of these is the purchase and installation of the right doors that will complement the atmosphere you have created.

Finding a simple but elegant solution is not possible, but there is a way out. Pay attention to invisible doors, and you will not be able to refuse them.

Features of hidden doors in the interior


Arrangement of a cozy nest takes time and effort, and when it comes to saving space, making a decision becomes even more difficult. Get rid of doubts, boldly choose the original design. Invisible doors will perfectly complement your interior and make it look more spacious.

The invisible doors are an eye-catcher because they are hidden from view. The construction provides for the “disappearance” of the leaf in the wall, which allows you to get rid of the need to free up the room. The choice of options is not limited, so it is not difficult to find an appropriate solution.

There are several reasons to choose this construction:

  1. Special convenience. It requires a minimum of free space to open the doors. Unlike swing models, you just need to move the design in the direction of the wall. You will not have to make any effort to do this.
  2. Combination with styles. Room design can be both minimalistic and modern. There are no obstacles for you, but much depends on the design of the chosen model. It can merge with the space or stand out against the background, depending on preferences.
  3. Number of options. The invisible doors are offered in several variations. Models with glass inserts or frosted glass are common, as well as solid door leafs. The choice is up to you.

The wall serves as an additional support, so this door looks great also from a technical point of view. Due to the listed advantages, it is difficult to refuse original and practical models.

How to choose a door for the house


The range of offers includes various options, so it is not difficult to choose. However, it is worth considering the peculiarities of your interior and determining the purpose of using a unique concealed door to make the right decision.

The online store will allow you to choose a great option for your home decoration in a few minutes. Examine the catalog, determine the fittings and confirm your decision. Buying original and high-quality designs will allow you to charm every guest of your family nest.

How to choose doors by design?


Door fabricators respond quickly to the changing design wishes of customers, regularly presenting new collections. Most manufacturers succeed in this, and their range is sufficient to fully meet the needs of the market. The greatest demand is for doors from domestic factories that are more affordable than, for example, Italian doors.

There is a wide variety of designs to choose from. Each manufacturer’s lineup offers a large number of models in different shades. Decorative design of door constructions amazes with their variety. Choosing what you need without stylistic blunders is not an easy task.

Focus on the style in which the interior of the room in which the doors will be installed. Manufacturers produce options that fit perfectly in the Provence, classic, the direction of high-tech and other style solutions.

If you do not know how to choose an interior door, consult with professionals.

A few tips for choosing interior doors for a particular room:

  • doors in the living room should let in a lot of light and open without blocking the passage, not obscuring interior objects, etc., as they are usually open;
  • door sets for the bedroom should provide maximum sound and light insulation, the possibility of privacy (there should be a lock);
  • door sets for the kitchen should be odor-insulated, easy to clean and have a moisture-resistant design;
  • doors to the nursery should provide primarily soundproofing, safety and vandal-proof;
  • doors to the bathroom and toilet should be water resistant and lockable;
  • door units for the private office should be soundproof and lockable from inside and out.

According to the survey, the most minimal requirements our customers have for closet or pantry doors are that they simply perform the direct function (close/open).

Opening method


The method of opening also matters – the vast majority of buyers prefer hinged doors. It is a classic solution and the most affordable of all designs.

On sale there are swing doors that can be opened from yourself and on yourself. There are models consisting of two leaves. Their advantages include a reasonable cost, ease of installation and versatility. The disadvantages are unoriginal.

Sliding modifications move along the wall due to the roller mechanism which is easy to fix if broken. Their advantage is the economy of space, the disadvantage is low sound insulation.

The peculiarity of hinged doors is that at the time of opening they are hidden in the wall. This is made possible by the roller mechanism. The advantages of such leaves – high soundproofing and space saving, disadvantages – difficult installation and overpriced.

Folding door leaf’s fold in half when they are opened. A key advantage – space saving, which is especially important for small rooms (bathrooms, corridors, closets). The disadvantage is the high price and lack of variety of design.


When there are no special conditions, and you do not want to spend an impressive amount on the purchase of doorways, it is better to buy classic swing doors, they are convenient and reliable.

Every property owner wants doors to last a long time and not cause inconvenience. The service life of the panels depends on the material from which they are made.

Longevity is also influenced by the hardware: it is important that it does not fade over time and is scratch-resistant. Products from proven manufacturers do not lose their presentable appearance for several years.

Overzealous efforts to save money can lead to additional costs in the future. Cheap designs are unlikely to last long. Try to find the best option in terms of value for money. Quality, durable doors can be purchased at a reasonable price if you wait for discounts or promotions from stores and manufacturers.