For our readers who might not be familiar, who is Route 94 and where do you come from?

I\’m from London, and I\’m me! I used to be a dubstep artist, but I kinda grew out of the aggressiveness of dubstep [he was known as Brain and had several releases on UKF and OWSLA]. When I was going out and partying with my friends in London, we would go to a lot of house events too. And it just seemed like a more positive, uplifting, happy scene, but still lots of energy. Dubstep started going in a different direction, and it got kinda boring.

Have you played in Chicago before?

Yeah, I played before at Primary. This is my second time in Chicago. Hopefully next time will be at Spybar.

Would you like to see more events catered to house and techno like this? I know your name, Route 94, comes from the highway that connects Chicago and Detroit.

Of course man. I think a lot of people that are from here have sorta forgotten that it all started here. But yeah, it\’s lovely to spend time here and just soak up all the energy. It\’s great here.

What are some of your favorite places to play around the world?

Well, Ibiza\’s definitely one of them. London. Everywhere, really. I get inspiration from everything. Travelling around, meeting new people.  WMC\’s cool, BPM festival is one of my favorite things to play at. New York is cool too. I wouldn\’t say I have a favorite place, I\’d say DJing anywhere is just my favorite thing.

Do you think there\’s one song that really defines Route 94 as an artist?

I don\’t know. I\’d say I have some songs, but they\’re not out. And the song that made me popular isn\’t necessarily the song that defines me [My Love feat. Jess Glynne). That\’s just what ended up getting out there and catching on. I wouldn\’t like people to define me for that, or any single song really.

What can we expect from you in the next couple years?

I would say just keep watching me and my music grow. I\’m only 22.

Anything else you\’d like to say to our writers?

Come out to one of my shows. You won\’t be disappointed.