Thomas Newson, a Dutch sensation since his 2013 hit single \’Flute\’ has been taking the music scene by storm. He has had three #1 Beatport charted singles and has been performing at some of the best music festivals in the world such as Ultra and Tomorrowland. We took some time to chat with him about his great successes as well as what it\’s like to be a touring DJ.

What\’s it like, hearing your tracks being played and seeing the crowd react to them?

Thomas Newson: The new music is amazing to hear and the reaction is sick. You get so hyped, seeing the response from the crowds is always such a surreal moment.

What was your favorite tour or show stop that you have played so far?

TN: The bus tour was the best tour that I had by far. Hardwell and Kill the buzz and I all traveled across North America together. It was fantastic especially for when you\’re hungover and you can simply lay and play video games. You can stop if you need to pee, I don\’t know, there\’s many things about bus touring that make it way better than flying!

Tell us a little bit about your collaborating track with Hardwell, \’8Fifty\’.

TN: Hardwell is fantastic. He\’s such a great and supportive guy, he\’s awesome to work with. We were on the bus tour together and I had made small test version of the track and he sat down next to me, listened to it and said that he wanted to work together on it because he really enjoyed the sound. Next thing you know, he\’s dropping the track on Ultra\’s main stage. It\’s incredible.

If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be and why?

TN: I would choose to collaborate with Galantis and more radio friendly artists. I really admire Galantis\’ ability to produce really good music that appeals to a radio audience and I would love to start dabbling on some tracks with vocals.

Would you ever consider producing or remixing music of a different genre?

TN: I\’m working on different genres of music at the moment, trap music in particular actually. I might release the few tracks that I have as an EP.

Music probably consumes your life, but what is it that you enjoy doing in your free time?

TN: Well I love playing video FIFA, hanging out with friends and I go to play field soccer with friends at night sometimes.

If you could travel and take your performances to anywhere in the world, where would you want to go?

TN: Sweden, Finland, and Denmark because they seem like amazing places, I just haven\’t been there.

What is it like, traveling all the time? Is it difficult being away from your family and the people that you have back home?

TN: If I\’m touring, I take my best friend with me and I don\’t really feel alone. I love traveling. You can see so many places and I make people happy with my performances. I couldn\’t ask for more.

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Photo credit: Steve Garfinkel Photography