In typical Chicago fashion, our first glimpse of summertime weather did an about-face just when the worst was thought to have been over. Despite the unexpected cold, and intermittent rain, Chicagoans packed the Mid in full force to support their favorite multi-alias producer. While he was exclusively performing as Feed Me for the evening, Jon Gooch\’s set was as diverse as it was familiar. The veteran producer did not squander the opportunity to push the boundaries of his club set and showcase different stylistic content that we had previously not seen from him in recent appearances. By the end of the night, he made a believer out of everyone that Feed Me\’s maniacal, toothy grin will remain a relevant image in the EDM world for many years to come.

Feed Me\’s performance in Chicago marks only one of eight scheduled tour stops. Leaving his full set of \”teeth\” at home, Feed Me brought the focus back to his music. Although the performance was sans the theatrics, Feed Me was all smiles on stage. As he took over the decks from resident DJ Nathan Scott, he greeted the crowd with a friendly wave and fist bumps to dedicated fans crowding the front of the stage. One fan donned a home made version of Feed Me\’s iconic green monster which elicited a joyful response from the eager producer as he launched into his first track.

The beginnings of the set were marked by pounces in unfamiliar territory as Feed Me dropped a couple of unreleased tracks; a sign of new content still to come. That venture into the unknown culminated with his first familiar track as the chunky bassline of \”Chain Smoker\” sent the crowd into a bouncing frenzy. Feed Me\’s electro house binge continued as tracks across his entire discography packed a punch on the dance floor. New cuts from his most recent EP, A Giant Warrior Descends on Tokyo including the hypnotic track \”Different World\” were seamlessly laced in and the crowd did not miss a beat. Around 2:30am a satisfying pass through \”One Click Headshot\” injected life into the club once more.

The remainder of the set was characterized by a break from the consistent pulse of electro-house, opening up a new set of eclectic possibilities. The familiar low-slung buzz of Feed Me\’s \”Rat Trap\” filled the floor, kicking off his last stand. One thing I remember appreciating from his set at Spring Awakening was his added signature spin on some popular hip-hop tracks. That style showed face again, and was answered by a crowd eager to sing along. The high energy of the set continued to the end with a nod at Porter Robinson\’s \”The Thrill\” remix making an appearance along the way. Overall, Feed Me lambasted the Mid into a submission that was not only expected, but welcomed by all those willing to embrace their wild side.

Check out Feed Me\’s latest EP below, and follow him for what\’s sure to be quality new content as it comes.