In late May, Ian Munro released his highly anticipated sophomore EP Liminal on Quality Goods Records. The project marked a new chapter in his artistic evolution, presenting a visceral and deeply emotional sound. Breathing new life into the project comes Liminal (The Remixes) a five track EP that features remixes from some of the underground’s brightest new stars including: CORTR, MICA, Serion, Rad Hatter, and nekolai. Each artist was carefully selected by Ian with a special focus on showing love to artists from his homeland of New Zealand (nekolai, CORTR, MICA). The remix EP is out now via Quality Goods.

“This project was a super emotionally-driven project — and I knew the remixes had to be in that same vein to really exist within the Liminal world. I honestly just chose people whose music I connect with on a more visceral level, and it all fell into place! The business side of the music industry gets really swept away with all the numbers and hype, which is all well and good to a degree — but I’ve never really been about that. I feel like the QGR team shares a similar ethos, in that we don’t care about all that stuff. We just love good music. I think that support from the label was a huge catalyst for this package coming together with a bunch of amazing up and coming artists.” – Ian Munro