As we all know, Miami Music Week 2016 is officially underway, and is home to not only every DJ party and club appearance imaginable, but also hosts Ultra Music Festival at the end of the week into the weekend. Hardwell, alongside many other headlining acts, chose to host an event for his label Revealed Recordings and planned on it being the first EDM event to be live-streamed in 360 degrees. The stream, which was heavily promoted, initially kicked off at 3pm CST and went off without a hitch.

Around 7:50 CST, Dannic, who was performing at the time, went onto the PA system to say that the sound system had been \”fucked up\” by the \”neighbors\”. Following that statement, the volume at the event took a dramatic decrease and the crowdgoers weren\’t too happy about that. Then it gets worse.

Hardwell took the stage not long after, and went on to play a few new tracks and the live stream was buzzing. Apparently, they had turned the volume up slightly, and then, the feed, still live, went dark. The sound and lights were completely off, and it wasn\’t long until the production crew was made out removing some of the equipment from the stage. An abrupt ending shocked many viewers, and social media was lit up the moment things seemed to be going wrong.

A few moments later, the stream officially ended, without any sort of explanation as to what had happened. According to Dance Rebels, the area in which the event took place, Nikki Beach, is in a \”very upscale part of Miami Beach\”, so it\’s possible that many residents made complaints which led to the event being shut down, since it seems that law enforcement had to pull the plug on this event. Hardwell, as well as Revealed, have both taken to Twitter to say that the show was \”shut down\”, but still leaves out specific details. Regardless, it\’s a shame to see such an anticipated event come to a close that way. It\’s slightly reminiscent of the time Jack Ü held a 24-hour live stream, which was shut down by law enforcement after just 18 hours.

Check out the cryptic tweets below, and we\’ll be sure to update you on the latest.

Sorry guys, they shut us down! I guess they are not ready for @RevealedRec! Thanks for coming, see you at @Ultra!

— Hardwell (@HARDWELL) March 17, 2016

Due to circumstances beyond our control the live stream is cancelled. Thanks everyone for tuning in today!

— Revealed Recordings (@RevealedRec) March 17, 2016