Hardwell\’s new album is right around the corner, and thankfully, for those of us who can\’t wait, we\’ve been given a few surprises this past week that will definitely curb our hunger. First surprise being, Hardwell announced his orchestral tune, \”Eclipse\”, the song he\’s been playing at the beginning of all of his sets, would be available instantly if you pre-order his upcoming album, \”United We Are\”. This track is one of his most anticipated tracks to date, and is a big one – you can hear it in its entirety below. Also this past Friday, Hardwell premiered his upcoming single, \”Sally\”, featuring the vocals of \”Ain\’t A Party\” vocalist Harrison. It\’s a huge, big room banger that is sure to get everyone going insane. Although it\’s not released yet, Hardwell has also supplied fans with a sizeable preview of the track, which you can listen to below.

Besides \”Eclipse\”, a pre-order of \”United We Are\” will also get you a copy of Hardwell & W&W\’s collaboration, \”Don\’t Stop The Madness\”. \”United We Are\” is slated to release on January 23rd on iTunes.

Hardwell – United We Are | iTunes