Hardwell is a busy man. After releasing his massive 15-track hit album \”United We Are\” a month ago, he hopped over to Amsterdam and sold out 2 consecutive shows at the Ziggo Dome.

Hardwell\’s fan base has become absolutely enormous following his two time title of World\’s #1 DJ and endless list of recent collaborations. Recently, his Twitter account reached 2 million followers: a feat truly worthy of recognition. To celebrate and give back to his loyal fans, Hardwell has uploaded a 2-hour, beautifully filmed live stream of his set in Amsterdam. Put it on fullscreen and crank the volume for a spectacular experience that puts you right there with the crowd.

This amazing achievement should propel Hardwell into a solid position for the upcoming IDMA\’s in March, where he\’s already nominated for nine awards.

Take a look at the live stream and make sure to check out his latest album, linked above.