GPS technology, since its establishment, has been a game-changer. If you want to track somebody, you can trust GPS trackers. The tracker devices allow you to locate someone or a thing that you want to keep an eye on. Your life becomes much easier when you have a digital boundary set on the tracker.

With the ever-increasing utility of GPS devices and applications, you will find many available in the market. Since there are many trackers and apps available, you must know the features which serve your purpose. If you want to buy a GPS tracking device, you must keep in mind all of its specifications and then make an informed decision.

Many people assume GPS trackers and GPS applications as the same, but they are two completely different things. However, applications and trackers serve the same purpose. You need to choose one as per your needs. Further in this article, you will learn about the differences between the two.

The GPS tracking devices help locate positions, fleet tracking, navigation, and act as a map. Apart from sharing locations, directions, and giving weather alerts, the phone GPS apps also tell you the estimated time.

How does a GPS tracker help?


GPS trackers or apps are the first things that people think of in the context of safety in today’s world. It not only provides location but also provides security. With the GPS tracker, you can find out the location of your little one who goes out to play with friends, your pets, and even your elderly parents who are at home with some medical conditions. Other applications of GPS technology include marine, defense, agriculture, mining, and various other industries. The GPS tracker will help in tracking your valuable personal belongings. For example, you can fit a compact GPS tracker in your bag and be assured you won’t ever lose it. The real-time alerts are a game-changer for the fleet managers who have to look after hundreds of vehicles and shipments to complete.

Be it personal use or commercial use, GPS tracking devices and applications are of great use.

Read on the following pointers to know the difference between a GPS tracking device and a GPS phone application:

1. The Structure and Function

One of the considerable differences between the device and app is the structure for obvious reasons. GPS device consists of 4 elements – the system receiver, a small computer, cellular transmitter, and a digital storage device. The GPS trackers are formulated in such a way that they can give real-time updates. The dedicated software gives only the most accurate result to you. The central purpose of the GPS tracking device is to bring only the best results. On the other hand, the GPS app works on any mobile device with cellular data. The apps that are an extended version of GPS technology help you with geolocation. You can install the application on your laptop or mobile phone. As a user, you don’t have to get another device. You can simply download the application, and you are good to go! Such apps help you in sharing locations with your friends and family.

2. The Battery Life


Battery life is another area of difference between GPS apps and trackers. The GPS tracker devices run on batteries that are designed specifically for the purpose. The companies also sell add-on batteries as per your requirements. Moreover, mobile phones are not designed for tracking purposes. The power of your phone is likely to burn out sooner when you have the tracking app installed.

3. The Speed and Consistency

The GPS trackers give you an uninterrupted experience as they are solely designed for tracking purposes. You cannot use them to make calls or send messages. However, they come with a dedicated slot for a sim card to provide you with a real-time location. Real-time location updates has a lot of benefits and that can only be possible with a GPS tracker that offers real-time updates. On the contrary, GPS apps have a drawback. Since they are downloaded on the phone or other devices, they may slow down a little because of the background apps running on your phone or computer.

4. The Mode of Operation


The GPS trackers work on the global positioning of satellites. These satellites give you the exact location. While on the mobile phone apps, you will need data to know the site. The GPS apps operate on satellites. It may result in inaccurate data because of weak signals at times. Thus, it is always advisable to have a strong data connection on your phone. These points explain the difference between GPS apps and tracker devices based on modes of operation.

5. The Customer Service provided

One of the most important factors to consider before buying a GPS tracker or installing an app is customer service by the company. The GPS device companies have a dedicated customer care team to provide support. In case of any query, you will be guided and given a solution. You can rely on the after-sales service. The GPS apps, on the other hand, do not have a dedicated after-sales care team. You may have to struggle to get a response from the companies for your queries. Some apps have a unit for your issues, but a prompt response may not be promised.

Now that you have learned five noticeable differences between the GPS app and device, you can easily make an informed decision. Choosing the best option for yourself gets easier. You must select the one that suits you best. You can go for portable GPS trackers by reputed vendors like Family1st that also comes with a mobile app.