Payment security is a major concern for all consumers, and it has to be taken seriously when making deposits and withdrawals to online casinos.

Part of the problem is not knowing which of the many methods available is the safest to use, so let’s go over the best of the bunch to help you decide the next time you want to enjoy online gambling.



PayPal has been on the scene for decades, and is trusted to handle millions of transactions worth billions every single day.

As well as allowing users to create accounts and add funds as and when they please, PayPal is also a platform which you can use without needing to sign up, which is the case in both an online casino context, as well as across a raft of ecommerce sites as well.


While you might not have heard of Trustly, it definitely lives up to its name, as it is a provider of financial technology that underpins a raft of services, PayPal included.

Many mainstream gambling sites, like DraftKings, have understandably adopted Trustly to help take care of deposits and withdrawals, so if you see its logo, you can play with confidence.

A quick look at a list of extraordinary Trustly casinos available at will show just how widely it is supported, if you need any further proof.

Neteller & Skrill


Owned by the same parent firm, both Neteller and Skrill are also long standing online payment and e-wallet brands which have existed as alternatives to PayPal for many years.

Neteller in particular has had an extensive history of supporting online casinos, beginning way back at the turn of the millennium. Meanwhile Skrill is better known for its popularity throughout Europe, although it does have support for customers in North America.

Visa & MasterCard

Card payments are accepted by all good online casinos, and if you want to use this method, it is best to ensure that the platform of choice is one officially offered by the two biggest brands, namely Visa and MasterCard.

Even if a third party platform is used, these payment card providers have additional layers of security that will be used, such as Verified by Visa, to ensure that everything is above board.

In addition, if your transaction is hijacked or your card is defrauded in some way, this is covered by anti-fraud policies which both brands use. This gives you extra peace of mind and means you can gamble online without needing anything other than your credit or debit card.



An up-and-coming e-wallet provider, MuchBetter attempts to put simplicity at the top of the agenda, letting you manage payments and overview the transactions you have made, as well as make deposits to online casinos and send cash to other users as you see fit.

Aside from its secure payment platform, MuchBetter also incentivizes customers by giving them free access to regular prize draws, where tens of thousands of dollars are regularly won, in addition to other prizes and perks.


In spite of its strange name, this is a very genuine, legitimate and respected e-wallet style payment service that has excellent support for a multitude of currencies, and is also accepted as a method of payment by plenty of North American online casinos.

It goes hand in hand with the EcoCard sister product, so there are plenty of options to consider if this is already a brand you recognize.



The rise and rise of cryptocurrencies in the past decade has brought with it a huge amount of media attention, and not a small amount of controversy.

One of the reasons behind the ascent of Bitcoin in particular is the promise of being able to carry out secure, anonymous transactions which aren’t reliant on central financial systems, so it’s no surprise that this is a payment method which a growing number of casinos support.

The question of whether or not Bitcoin-based deposits and withdrawals are safe comes down to a couple of factors. First, there’s the reputation of the site itself, and second there’s how you handle your end of the process.

Be sure to only use casinos which accept crypto that are also legitimate, licensed and have a good track record for customer support. Likewise make sure that you get the details right when depositing or withdrawing, as one small mistake could leave your coins in limbo, or even the wrong wallet.


Starting life as a physical payment card, PaySafe is now also a digital transaction solution which gives users a whole heap of flexibility in terms of how and where they deploy it.

Most impressively, you don’t need to register for an account with this provider in order to use its services, although there is a cap on how much you can transfer without registration. This is well suited to those seeking a private, safe way to pay.

If you do sign up for a full blown account, you can enjoy advantages like managing payments on the web, and having access to an official app to track your spending.



Not everyone is a fan of how traditional payment cards work, or even modern e-wallet services function. If you fall into this group, then PayNearMe could be well suited to helping out with your online casino deposits.

The principle is simple; you have an account with the service provider, and you can add cash to it by visiting any one of a number of bricks and mortar locations where deposits are accepted.

From here, you can quickly make use of the money in combination with all sorts of other online services, from casino sites to shopping providers and beyond. Privacy and security are again the watchwords of PayNearMe, so check if this is available locally.

Closing thoughts

The best advice for someone who wants to make online casino payments as safely as possible is to use payment platforms you already recognize and find casinos that support them, rather than the other way around.