A dog is an amazing animal that can easily become your best friend. They provide us with unconditional love, fun, and hilarious moments. They will do anything for you at any time. Sometimes, you might feel like you are not doing enough for them. That is quite normal. I think that many dog owners feel the same way. To make yourself feel better and to make your pet feel better too, you could get them a gift. Since the holidays are close, you can get them a present for such an event.

A lot of people might say that it is stupid or a bad idea to give your dog a holiday present because they are not human, but does not really matter? If you can make them happy with a toy, a long walk, or a special treat, why shouldn’t you do it? In fact, you could even make these gifts a regular occasion instead of waiting for the holidays.

If you are still not convinced why you should get your little furry friend holiday present, I decided to write this 2020 guide which might convince you otherwise.

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1. A dog does not understand what a holiday means, but a present can make it happy

Many people have the same argument when it comes to gifting anything to a pet. They say that they are animals and they simply do not understand the special events such as birthdays, New Year’s, Christmas, and other holidays throughout the year.

However, I do not think that argument really matters. Our dogs cannot understand a lot of things, but we still do them. Sometimes we talk to them like they are humans, we kiss them with, we hug them and all kinds of other things.

After some time, a canine becomes familiar around you and your actions. They do not know why you do these actions, but they understand the intention behind it. It is obvious to them that you are talking to them or hugging them because you are showing affection. They might not be as smart as humans, but they do have their own minds and they do have their thoughts.

So, if you make gifts a regular thing, you will definitely make it happy. Just make sure you pick something that you know that your little furry friend will love will stop whether it is a toy, their favorite type of food, or whatever you else you can find. If you cannot seem to figure out what you should get for your dog, maybe you should check out an online shop such as ultrapetshop and see what they have to offer. I am sure that you will be able to find something interesting will stop.

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2. It is exciting

Dogs can easily get excited about all kinds of things. For example, whenever I leave home and come back in five minutes, my dog starts to run around in excitement even though it has not seen me for just five minutes. They can be very emotional at times which is why they can get so excited.

But, you can easily make a certain occasion more special for them than it already is. If you build up the tension and if you make them work for the gift that you have bought, they will be even more exciting. There is nothing wrong with making these special moments for your pet. With these special moments, they will live a much happier and maybe even longer life.

You can also experience that same level of excitement usually because you simply cannot wait to show off what you have bought for her dog. Both of you are waiting in anticipation. Once you see just how much fun your pet will have with the tour you bought or that special type of food, you will also be very happy and excited for them.

Source: Australian Dog Lover

3. Gifts can be used for training

I already mentioned previously that dogs are unable to understand holidays, why we have them, and what they actually mean. They do not even know when that holiday comes. In other words, you cannot just give them something for no apparent reason. If you want to create a proper relationship and if you want your dog to be as obedient as possible, you will need to give a good enough reason for that gift. Your pet needs to earn it.

So, if you have bought something special for your little loved one, you will need to think of a training session and then use the gift as a reward. Teach it to sit, stand, jump, roll around, or whatever else you want. Once you are done with the training session, make sure you give them enough positive reinforcement and then finally, give them their special reward.

So, not only are you making your pet excited about its new holiday present, but you also teach them a thing or two. An obedient dog is a happy dog.

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4. Makes you feel good too

The holiday season is a special time of the year when people feel the need to be generous and forgiving. That is why so many of us have the habit of getting gifts for our friends, partners, or close family members. You want to make the people around you happy and that is a great thing.

However, why should you exclude your pet from this kind of tradition? Your pet is always there for you and you are probably together almost every single day. Understand that your pet is part of your family as suggested by greatgiftingideas.

Seeing them excited for their new toy or excited to try a new tasty treat, you will probably feel pretty good about yourself. I think that is a good enough reason to convince yourself that your dog definitely deserves a holiday present in 2020.

After reading through this guide, I hope that I have given you a reasonable answer on why you should get your dog a holiday present in 2020.