Mimosa was one of the first EDM artist I think I truly fell in love with. It was Counterpoint 2012, his show was enthralling, I was hooked and his music showed no sign of letting me get loose. I saw him again in Chicago, whenever he was here last, and he put on another great show I have to say it wasn\’t on par with the Counterpoint show. But it\’s completely different feeling from club to festival. and you bet your ass i\’ll be at his show when he comes here in August, and ya\’ll should be too. There is an air to his work that really resonates with me. I\’m constantly eagerly awaiting seeing his next show or a new track that he puts out. And lucky for me, and well you too, his new Album is coming out soon. You can check out Future Trill Vol 2 on Itunes, and preview the album. Which I have to say is mighty fine. I have to say i\’m digging the new sound but I can defiantly hear traces of the old stuff in there. What makes his sound unique is still shining through, so no need to fret.

I can not wait to get my hands on the full album, the previews have gotten me so stoked. August 12th couldn\’t come soon enough, or the 14th for that matter (ehm when i\’ll be seeing all ya\’ll at his show.)

Here is the link to Itunes so ya\’ll can check out the album.