Today sees the release of Garmiani’s club anthem \”Zaza\”. Its released on Steve Aoki\’s label Dim Mak and Garmiani has delivered a highly original piece of electro house with this tune.

It’s kicked off with the focus on delivering the percussion and drawing you in with rising tension, before stripping it all back to the melody. Garmiani then builds everything back up, element by element to the big crescendo. The drop may take you by surprise, as the high-end percussion is taken away and the lead synth takes control. The Swedish producer has delivered everything you might expect from his production but also puts a new twist on his sound with the emerging styles that are starting to dominate the scene. The break down leading to the second drop brings more of a synth-dominated theme and more of a recognisable style from Garmiani – you’ve gotta love that vocal sample as well.

If you’re bored of the over-the-top, happy styles of electro, then you should like this. It’s given a real clubland feel without being too cheesey and the main chord progression will be going round and round your head for days. It\’s another major release from Dim Mak and will be sure to hit the top spots in the charts. You can pick up \”Zaza\” here.