Helsinki is undoubtedly one of the best places to visit for a mind-blowing tour experience. Everything you need and more is available to make your experience filled with fun. If you are traveling and want to gather the maximum amount of enjoyable experiences from your trip, then you should not miss out on the opportunity to see more.

At least once in a lifetime, one must experience the thrills of a Helsinki walking tour. The best things in life are free, and that’s especially true when it comes to touring.

Free Things To Do At Helsinki Tours

Some of the best free things to do at Helsinki tours include:

Go on a free walking tour

The free walking tour gives you the best chances to explore many of the most beautiful things in Helsinki.

In this free walk tour, you will be opportune to visit the highlights of Helsinki such as:

  • the iconic Helsinki cathedral and senate square;
  • the University of Helsinki;
  • central train station as one of the most beautiful ones in the world;
  • the central library where people can play PS5 or record music!;
  • market square;
  • design district with historic buildings and world-class Finnish designs such as Marimekko.

It would be best if you did not leave the city of Helsinki without a visit to any of the highlighted places.

Take Breathtaking Pictures

You are free to take pictures while on tour, in Beautiful images with family and friends that you’ll forever be happy seeing. Memories last forever, and they remind you of how beautifully you spent your life. Helsinki tours give you great memories that you’ll never recover from.

Fascinating places to visit

Helsinki city has lots of unique places to visit – from the country’s most visited landmark (the Helsinki Cathedral) to a church built inside a rock, to beautiful viewpoints, to unique places to eat, or for more practical things such as how to take a tram, how to buy a ticket, etc


Connect With Different People

Helsinki people are famously friendly, and joining a free tour is a great way to meet the locals and explore this cosmopolitan capital.

People of great minds, influence, and excellent caliber, which in turn expand your real-life social network.

You’ll learn about fascinating and influential periods in Finland’s and Helsinki’s history, see the sights like the Neoclassical Senate square, The Cathedral of Helsinki, the Sibelius monument, Havis Amanda, and so much more while getting a uniquely local viewpoint of everything Helsinki.

Boat Cruising

In Helsinki tours, you can catch a boat to the many tiny surrounding islands, indulge in delicious local food in the many fantastic restaurants & cafés, and get into the rhythm of the night at the many pubs, clubs, and trendy lounges in the city center or venture to the Punavuori, Kallio or Kamppi districts to dance the night away. Helsinki is a beautiful capital for a worthwhile city break which won’t disappoint.


Are you thinking of a way to relieve yourself of stress and regular daily activities? Helsinki is the best place to unwind as you can indulge in delicious local food in the many fantastic restaurants & cafés, get into the rhythm of the night at the many pubs, clubs, and trendy lounges in the city center, or venture to the Punavuori, Kallio or Kamppi districts to dance the night away.

Helsinki is the best place to unwind.


Explore the Markets

Helsinki market square is a great place to behold. There’s no better way to soak up the atmosphere of a city than at the local market. From the aromas and flavors of fresh food to the fabrics and questionable souvenirs of arts and crafts stands, markets are a great source of entertainment and an insight into local lives.

Remember to look out for the free food samples on offer.

Create Your Bike Tour

You are free to create your bike tour. Helsinki city has bikes available to hire. All you need to do is grab your bike and see some of the city’s main attractions and then move away from the city center to see a different side of the city.

Window Shopping

While it can be tempting to splash the cash in beautiful boutiques and alluring shopping malls, splurging can be one of the most costly aspects of a tour. Opt for window shopping if you can resist the temptation to buy. Often the shopping centers and malls themselves can be an attraction and a form of entertainment.

Hang Out With The Locals

All cities have so many surprises that you wouldn’t know about unless you chat with the locals, so don’t be shy. Start a conversation in the coffee shop, and who knows where it could lead. Sometimes there’s no need to head to that informative museum or engaging gallery, simply chatting to a friendly and knowledgeable local is all you’ll need to enjoy your tour in Helsinki. Don’t feel shy about chatting up a stranger next time you’re away. They can be far better than the guidebooks and that alone is another way of fun in Helsinki city tour.

Helsinki Cathedral

Marveling at some of Helsinki’s most impressive and iconic churches and cathedrals is one of the favorite things to do in a Helsinki tour. One could spend hours photographing the view of the Cathedral or discovering a new favorite spot. Helsinki Cathedral is also free to enter. so get yourself inside to check out the even more impressive interior.

Sightseeing and Exercise

One of the best ways to enjoy a Helsinki tour is to combine your sightseeing with some exercise. Use an app like MapMyRun and you’ll find some great jogging routes around your destination, passing famous landmarks and trotting through pretty parks. You’ll cover ground quickly as well, perfect if you’re on a whirlwind break and have been a little too optimistic with the scale of your tour itinerary.


Admittedly, Helsinki central library Oodi is beautiful, fascinating and filled with charm, history and local information.



Helsinki tour is highly recommended for you to visit  as you’ll get to know more about the Finnish culture, history, and lifestyle.