If you haven\’t heard of Flying Lotus yet, allow me the pleasure of introducing you to, in my opinion, one of the most interesting artists to have risen from the underground in awhile. With four albums, a VMA nomination for Best Visual Effects, and several collaborations with artists across various genres like Mac Miller and Thom Yorke under his belt, Steven Ellison is one of those producers you can\’t help but admire. Better known by his stage names Flying Lotus or FlyLo, Ellison is best known for his experimental multi-genre music ranging from hip hop to ambient to indie. Far from sounding like other EDM artists he plays next to at big festivals, FLyLo\’s music is weird; the right kind of weird filled with interesting musical motifs, throbbing bass, and occasional haunting vocals that stimulates creativity and satisfies the yearning ear of snobby elitists and music lovers alike.

Not only does the man produce and DJ, he also raps under the alias of Captain Murphy, has his own radio station in Grand Theft Auto V, and has had his music featured in the short film \”Until The Quiet Comes\” and the Cartoon Network show Adventure Time. As mentioned earlier, he even received a VMA nomination for Best Visual Effects for his song \”Tiny Tortures\”, which you can view below along with \”Until The Quiet Comes\” (directed by Kahlil Joseph).

Flying Lotus – \”Until The Quiet Comes\” from WHAT MATTERS MOST on Vimeo.

Not slowing down or changing his sound for anyone or anything, FlyLo released 11 new tracks on his Soundcloud within the past 24 hours. Each song comes with a unique and different sound than the rest, highlighting FlyLo\’s eclectic, abstract style that inspires artistic curiosity and pushes past the boundaries of traditional electronic music. Stream the tracks below and follow FlyLo on Twitter and Facebook to stay tuned to his growing career as a musician.