Flosstradamus is in fact not dead.

In a Facebook announcement, Curt Cameruci has assured his fans that Flosstradamus is in fact not dead. The trap-music duo turned solo project will live on despite Josh Young\’s departure from the group.

Curt\’s Facebook post reads “A movement does not stop when one of its founding fathers goes abroad – it only gets bigger! Flosstradamus will continue and I am excited to carry the torch. Josh will always be a part of the #HDYNATION and we wish him the best on his future endeavors.”

Early on yesterday morning, Young broke the news to fans that he is leaving Flosstradamus to focus on his new endeavor: Me2.

Young explained, “I came to this decision at the end of summer, but due to circumstances outside of my control I wasn’t able to make this announcement until after the Flosstradamus tour ended,” he told fans.

“I have so much love and respect for Curt and the whole Flosstradamus crew.”