All of us festival-goers have all been a part of or seen someone being rushed into a medical tent because of some random pill they took. The problem is at a festival individuals have no real clue to what they are buying. And because of that medical issues even death can arise.

EDM festivals aren\’t supposed to be about illness or death, it is supposed to be about being free and creating an unforgettable experience with the music. Luckily, there is someone out there who is looking out for the best interest in festival-goers; they call themselves the Bunk Police Team.

These individuals smuggle in test kits, and wander the festival and sell these test kits to people. Their goal is to prevent people from taking drugs that they do not know what\’s in them. The drug test is simple and it can avoid you from disappointment, injury, and even death. It is only $20 dollars and can be used 50 times.

Bunk Police tailed its tests of concert-goers cocaine for one summer and found, 29/30 tests did not have any cocaine whatsoever.Nearly 100% of substances are cut with one or more adulterant.Over half of samples tested worldwide contain “research chemicals” of multiple types and classes, many of which present very real overdose risks. Remember that, next time your thinking about buying drugs from some random at a concert. Don\’t miss out on the music.