Adam Wiles, better known as Calvin Harris, has a profound story that could inspire anyone. Less than 10 years ago he was living at home, working at a grocery store, and didn\’t have a college degree. Now he is the world\’s highest paid DJ, who brought in 46 million dollars in the last 12 months.

So how did this singer songwriter become so successful? Harris always dreamed of becoming a musician. It was a dream he wasn\’t willing to give up even after many failed attempts. Harris created a Myspace account where he posted and sent off demos to anyone who would listen to them. One of the people he sent it to was Gillespie, a buyer for a British night club. One short month later Harris hit it big and signed a deal with EMI music.

“I like to think I don’t have an ego [that\’s] like you need to be number one–the best, the DJ of all time,” he says. “I want to be the number one songwriter-producer guy of all time.” – Calvin Harris

Gillespie then agreed to be Harris\’s manager.  After building a large following over seas Harris graced America with his presence, and is now an international superstar. This Grammy winner has signed a contract with the nation\’s largest club Hakkasan in the Las Vegas MGM grand.

Calvin Harris\’s story can stand as inspiration for anyone who has failed at succeeding their dream. Although, it might seem cliche it is important to never give up on something that means everything to you. Striving for the best is the only way to succeed.

Watch Calvin Harris perform at Hakkasan