After being teased via Twitter a bunch, it seems fans who attended this year\’s HARD Day of the Dead in California didn\’t get what they really bargained for. Deadmau5 and colleague Eric Prydz, also known as Pryda, had been chatting back and forth about having a 2-hour back-to-back set at this year\’s HARD DOTD. Fans got excited, and they were set to perform and was one of the biggest advertised performances for DotD, until fans ended up listening to deadmau5\’ latest album for the majority of it, resulting in a 2-hour-set of nonesense. Everyone in attendance was upset – rightfully so, until fans checked out deadmau5\’ site where he frequently posts in the chat, and saw the following:

i have some uncool shit to share about DOTD .. after about 3 weeks of trying to fucking contact eric, still no fucking response, about to do a live performance, he never bothered to hit me back .. so now we\’re just going in blind .. so, whatever we\’ll see what happens .. its going to be some random ass DJ set, not excited about doing that, but now im fucked into doing it anyway

As you can tell, not even deadmau5 was thrilled about the performance, basically stating he knows it will be a giant letdown. However, how did this event even make it on the lineup posters without Prydz actually being scheduled? If Prydz had to cancel last minute, that\’d be a different story – but this doesn\’t seem to be the case. Deadmau5 is taking quite the blow on social media, including reddit, but does he deserve it? Let us know your thoughts on this.