Inspired by such greats as Portishead and Dubfire, Deas\’ melting pot of ideas and cosmopolitan background has seen the Krakow based artist create a sound founded upon an amalgamation of house, techno and progressive sounds. Following this path, Particles now introduces Deas\’ new work \”Freon\”, including a remix from Maltese icon, Deepfunk.

Redolent in sumptuous bouncing bass, trademark spot effects litter the stereo spectrum, carving out rhythmic patterns alongside distinctive techno beats. Pitched in aggressive fashion throughout, the addition of a pulsating pad that rises and falls in unison with multi-faceted layers, Deas\’ \”Freon\” is full of intrigue and tension.

As Deas displays talents for all to hear, \”Freon\” is refrigerated to maximum effect with an achingly cool remix from Deepfunk.

Released: 17/11/2014