When writing an essay, you need to take into account many factors, because insidious intricacies are hidden in the little things. And if you want to write the best argumentative essays you should take all the writing mistakes into account.

1. Choose the Wrong Topic

An incorrect topic can ruin the whole writing process. First, you will not be able to give specific arguments and thus not fully disclose your idea. Secondly, ideas may be incorrect, irrelevant, uninteresting, not popular, and tactless, so they will not interest your target audience and the reader will lose interest in your essay. To create the best argumentative essay topics you need to follow several rules:

  • choose popular essay topics at
  • convey the main idea of the text in the title
  • avoid outdated theses
  • use persuasive words

Also, mind choosing a topic that will not offend the feelings of others.

2. Forget About the Thesis


The most common mistake among students is that by focusing on the argument in the main part of the discursive essay, they completely forget about the correct formulation of the thesis.

Creating a thesis helps to build in the essay the logical sequence and integrity of the written text.

The first paragraph should announce the full content of the written work. It is a sample and a kind of reminder of all your thoughts that you would like to use when writing an essay and in which case you can be sure that you have not forgotten anything.

The thesis is like a young tree that produces new fruits, which in our case are arguments, and then bears fruit, i.e. forms a conclusion.

3. Not Proper Ending Writing

The ending is also an important element of the essay. It summarizes all the thoughts and the emphasis is on a certain call to action. But it is also important to remember that it is forbidden to add new information at this stage of writing. That is why it is very important to do all the points at the top level.

4. Procrastinate


For self-organization, it is important to properly allocate your time to write an essay. If the work is done for too long, then the level of concentration falls, a lot of effort is expended, and efficiency does not rise. To manage your time properly and spend it to your advantage.

Each of us is familiar with the feeling when you lack time and the task is performed at the last moment. Due to such a massive problem, which is very common among students, the level of success in schools, colleges, and universities is greatly reduced. Inattention causes you to miss an important fact or just leads you to make a lot of misspellings. Sleep deprivation, fatigue, and excessive anxiety can also be the cause of such a failure, so get a good night’s sleep before an important day and discard all anxious emotions.

5. Text Structure Failure

The mistake that many students make is not following the right text size. If you are faced with the task of writing an essay, for example, on two pages, then you need to form your thoughts so that they roughly fit into these limits. You need to use more arguments for a large text. You do not need to write a long essay unless asked for in the assignment. Do not worry, it will not lower your grade, but on the contrary, will conclude that you can concisely and at the same time competently express your opinion.

6. Thinking Narrowly


If you have chosen a fairly broad topic, such as “What are the consequences of a pandemic for the economic situation in the world”, then you should not limit yourself to a few arguments. You should give a large number of examples, research to fully cover all the issues related to this topic

Therefore, even after proving 2 or 3 arguments, all aspects will still not be fully covered. Don`t forget to support your thoughts with relevant quotes and the results of scientific experiments. You may lose the chance to make yourself complete and convincing.

Despite different arguments, when writing an essay, you need to take 1 position and adhere to its idea throughout the text. This will help you to keep the integrity of the essay

7. Using Non-Proven Websites

You need to use reliable sources when writing an essay because unverified information may be untrue and the examiner will give you a lower grade. It is better to avoid articles from Wikipedia and read more articles on the selected topic on various sites and, if possible, visit libraries to get argumentative information. Always check the material before writing it on a piece of paper.

8. Missing a Revision Part


A great way to improve an essay is of course revising it after writing. Paying attention to this step, you can make sure that you have used the research results, given examples, titles, and definitions correctly. It is important to draw up a direct speech correctly, for example, an excerpt from a speech. But you have to be very careful with quotations and personal opinions, and if you do not remember the exact wording, it is better to write the main idea using non-direct speech.

Don`t forget to check the text for mechanical errors that have occurred accidentally. As mentioned earlier, you need to allocate time properly and be sure to pay attention to this important point

9. Copypasting

If you are writing an essay electronically at home, or you are allowed to use the Internet, do not copy the information. Plagiarism is not supported by teachers in any educational institution. You can even break a law if you publish the stolen text on the website. You may be charged in court and you will be held liable under applicable law.

Essay writing should be approached with great responsibility, i.e. remember the structure of the written work, check for errors and compliance with the thesis of the arguments, correctly and logically express their views and be attentive. The main thing is to choose and formulate the right topic and fit it into the amount specified in the task.