Bridging the gap between electronic music and live performance, Exmag has made a name for themselves on both the electronic and new wave scene. Their latest EP, “Glimpses Of A Vision”, features two funk fueled, soulful dance hits guaranteed to get you grooving. Out now through Majestic Casual, “Amavel” and “In This”, which features Ehiorobo on vocals, are disco-fueled dance parties just waiting to be played.

“We’re really stoked about this release,” the band explained in a press release. “We had a great time getting to know Ehiorobo, and producing the track and video for ‘In This’ was a really effortless, communal process. ‘Amável’ was a new style for us and gave us a glimpse of where our music could go next. This record is more closely aligned with what we want to make than ever before. Sometimes your favorite songs fall on deaf ears but we are really thankful Majestic Casual chose to release these two together with us. ‘In This’ came together really naturally. Ehiorobo was a perfect fit. Everyone came together and we actually had the great party that is being depicted in the video. A big thanks to Ehi, Nesmith Films, and our awesome friends who made this whole production happen so effortlessly.”