Having just dropped his party-ready anthem \”Don\’t Let Me In\” on Deorro\’s Panda Funk, Californian producer ZooFunktion is in a great place. We wanted to hear a little more about the creation process behind the single and where he would like to be in the future.

Where did the inspiration come from for the creation of \”Don’t Let Me In\”?

Some of my close friends had been talking about the genre named “Jungle Terror” and after hearing some tracks, I decided to give it a shot. Then I came up with “Don’t Let Me In”.

How does it feel being a part of the Panda Funk family and can we expect future releases from you through this label?

It’s amazing being part of the Panda Funk family, I am surrounded by a talented group of producers and crew. We all have the same passion, vision and dream. And yes!

What has the reaction been like at the live shows when you drop \”Don’t Let Me In\”?

First time I dropped the track was at SCMF Panda Funk pre-party. The crowd went nuts!

Outside of electronic music, where do you find your musical influences?

I am a huge fan of Latin music. As a kid, I grew up listening to a lot of Mariachi, Cumbia & Mexican bands, and that’s where I get most of my percussion ideas.

With the music scene ever changing, how do you see your sound evolving in the future?

Pop will always have its place in the music scene, but I will always strive to create new sounds or new genres.

You can pick up \”Don\’t Let Me In\” here.