Who wouldn\’t want an opportunity to hang out with the infamous Canadian DJ, deadmau5? Well, as of today everyone has an chance to win.

\” Joel Zimmerman aka deadmau5 has partnered with Coca-Cola & (RED) to unveil one (and only one) custom made mau5head created just for the campaign and just for you. This is no replica. The same manufacturer that makes Joel\’s mau5heads will be making yours, but just to make extra sure it meets his standards, he\’s going to fly you out to Toronto to present it to you himself. Coca-Cola will cover your flight, your 4-star hotel, and your transportation to come and meet him at his studio for a one-on-one tour. An AIDS FREE GENERATION is not a matter of \’If\’, but \’When\’ and deadmau5 looks forward to celebrating this movement with you.\”

You do not have to donate to enter the competition, but if you do your name is entered in more times, which means you have a better chance of hanging out with deadmau5 & you are contributing to make this generation an aids free one.

#SHARETHESOUND of an Aids free generation & click this link to enter the contest