With their new single \”Shots & Squats\” released on Friday through Universal Music Sweden, we felt it was a good time to catch up with the cheeky Vigiland, who bring something completely unique to the Melbourne Bounce sound.

We love your latest single But what is your favorite, Shots or Squats?

Haha, thanks! We prefer Shots. Especially Fisherman Shots!

Fisherman shots… interesting! How long did the track take to make?

Hmm, the track took like three weeks to make!

Do you share a studio together? If not, how do you go about making tunes?

We do share the same studio together, so it\’s very easy for us to work now!

What has the feedback been like to this single when youve played it out?

It\’s been awesome, it works great live! But we are looking forward to seeing people sing along with it.

Where can we see you play in the next few months?

Wow, well we\’ve got like 26 gigs in July & August! But places like Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Greece (Rhodes & Kos).

Do you have any plans for an EP or album? 

Yes, we talked about making an album last week. But nothing official yet!

Grab \”Shots & Squats\” here.