This week I was graced with the opportunity to interview up and coming producer Casey Jones. We sat down and discussed his music so far, as well as where he sees himself in the future. The 20 year old producer based out of Chicago throws down some sweet progressive and deep house originals as well as remixes.


Who or what originally got you into producing?

I messed around with FL studio throughout middle school, nothing too serious. But, once I started DJ\’ing – toward the end of sophomore year in high school – I quickly wanted to spin my own music. So I saved up some money and bought a Mac laptop for production. Then I had a friend download Ableton, some samples, and VST\’s to it and I was off running. I had another friend, shoutout Jason Berkovich, give me a crash course on how to use it for 2 months. Taught me everything. Since then I haven\’t stopped.


How are your sets constructed? How do you decide what you play?

I never go into a set knowing everything. I just don\’t. You can play the same set everywhere – which is the most dumb – and you\’re gonna have different reactions. That\’s because it\’s all about the crowd, and the vibes that they pick up. I\’m gonna play whatever I\’m gonna play. Whatever the crowd is going with. I know I\’m gonna play my music too. It\’s good vibes.


To those who haven’t heard your music, how would you describe it?

I\’m all about the \”feels\” type music. Stuff you can vibe to whether your chillin\’, partying, or a little bit of both. My original tracks are me in a sense. I go with a vibe or an idea I\’m feeling at the time and I try to capture it. I have a track I\’m working on now that I\’m really proud of so far. I think the final product will be really good.


Which artists are you listening to right now?

My top electronic artists at the moment in no specific order are Third Party, Zac Waters, Ilan Bluestone, Paris Blohm, and Dillon Francis. Just for the record, I listen to other kinds of music too!


What’s in store for the future of Casey Jones?

New music, because that\’s what this is about. I have lots of bass music coming out with some minor hip hop influences, shoutout Azmattic, and a progressive house track in the works. All free downloads too. I\’m constantly producing. A lot of music that I hear lacks originality. I\’m trying to change that.



Tell me about your first show ever.

The first show I ever went to was Lollapalooza 2011, and still one of my top moments ever. Deadmau5 started his set 15 minutes early in the rain. Legendary. Then a month later I saw Avicii at Congress. This was before levels. When he was in his prime (in my opinion) and then knew I wanted to do this for a living. My first show I ever played was at my high school sophomore year. It was for an event and it was fun! I was nervous but really excited.


You can find all of Casey\’s music on his SoundCloud. Every track is available for free download.