We decided to grab a few words with Australian producer Max Sasse, who has just unleashed his debut single for Basik Rkrds. Putting his own spin on the Melbourne Bounce sound, \”Take That Bounce\” definitely deserves your attention this week.

How did you first get involved with electronic music?

My brother and his friend showed me what Melbourne Bounce was when it first started being produced. I loved it so much when I first heard it! My brother’s friend had professional DJing equipment and he started showing me how to mix it as well. After a couple months of playing on his decks, I decided I wanted to produce the music I love so much.

What advice would you give any up and coming producers like yourself who want to get their records signed?

I would say keep making tracks, and if you really have a passion for music you will get something signed for sure!

How have you found working with Basik?

It’s been amazing! Everyone is very helpful and they’ve been helping me out with what to do with my tracks!

Apart from electronic music, where do you take your musical influences?

I don’t really take my musical influences anywhere else besides electronic music. My influences currently come mainly from Melbourne Bounce tracks.

Who would be your dream artist to work with?

My dream artist to work with would be Will Sparks for sure.

What do you have in store with future releases?

I have a lot of original tracks and a couple of remixes planned for the future.

You can pick up \”Take That Bounce\” here.