It\’s holiday season once again! As the celebrations quickly approach us, so do the looming, haunting forethoughts of buying gifts. If someone near to you identifies as a \”raver\”, \”dance music enthusiast\”, or an \”EDM connoisseur\”, fear not as we have just the holiday gift list you\’ve been looking for. No matter the type of EDM fanatic, we\’ve got you covered with the 5 hottest items for the season.

#5: For the Easy Listener

One can never go wrong with the proper listening equipment. For the easy listener type, we have Marshall\’s Major Headphones. With stunning sound, sleek design, fully collapsible construction and an amazing sales price, what could be better? Amazon is currently offering 45% off for the headphones.


#4: For the DJ

Traktor is the leader in current DJ hardware and software. Their controllers continue to be the staple for the biggest of EDM festivals and events, continuing with their latest installment: the Traktor Kontrol S8. With an entirely new design including HD displays, touch strips in place of jog wheels, and pad banks, this is no doubt the future of DJing. For a more affordable price, the previous generation S4 MK2 is the way to go.


#3: For the Raver

For those who truly live and breathe the rave scene, we\’ve got you covered with the essential gear. What sweaty, underground dance party is complete without the proper attire? This 36-light LED hula hoop will help you show off your moves and fascinate the surrounding onlookers. Accompanied by these blacked-out Raver light gloves, you\’ll be all set to glow (get it?).


#2: For the Producer

With modern software making it easier and easier for the bedroom producer to contend with the big names, having a few simple programs can launch the talented and inspired producer to the top. Perhaps the most popular and easily accessible digital audio workstation is Ableton Live. Created with built-in instruments, sound banks, and audio/midi effects, the standard version alone contains all the tools necessary to begin producing. For added control and performance capabilities, the 25-key Akai LPK25 is the perfect starter midi keyboard. Small and compact, this keyboard includes tap tempo capabilities, octave buttons, an arpeggiator and sustain button. With this simple set up, the world of electronic production can be your oyster!


#1: For the Collector

Good thing for us, the music collection scene does not discriminate against electronic music and EDM. Some of the most classic and influential music for the future generations is being released right now! Undoubtedly, one group of these living legends is Daft Punk. Through Amazon beginning on December 23rd, Daft Punk will be releasing a very limited edition deluxe box of tantalizing goodies. Included inside is their 1997 hit record \”Alive\”, their 2-LP \”Alive 2007\”, an Alive 2007 hardcover 50-page book, digital downloads, and more! This exclusive release will be selling like hot cakes, so make sure to grab this awesome package soon!

In the Daft Punk spirit, the group\’s official website has also put on sale hand-crafted \”Merry X-Mask\” ornaments for the Christmas tree! Unique and hand-crafted, the ornaments feature the boys\’ famous, futuristic helmets.